Most Recent Benchmark was 05.10.17 on May 10,2017 (653 days ago)

Thursday Feb 21,2019



Warm Up:

30 Cal Bike  


5 Rounds

4 Hang Power Cleans 165/115
7 Bar Facing Burpee Jump Overs
10 Box Jumps

100% 0%

Amber F7:14 Rx
Jessica S6:05 Rx
Katie7:38 Rx
Mitchel7:00 Rx 5 Hang squat clean (165)
Dave G5:50 Rx
Dan F8:05 Rx
Stacey H9:09  35#/step ups
Tim5:20 Rx Just go!
Keri10:30  105#
Mickey B8:20  115. On the mend.
Brendan L6:48 Rx
Dan H5:58 Rx
Melvin7:59  #155 HC
RøᏰîИ11:50  85# HC, 50 Singles
Results Posted: 14
Dave G 9:01am
I got you Jessica!  It hurt a lot.

Dave G 1:49pm
What the heck Tim!!!!  Nice work!
Tim 10:53pm
Thanks!  Fran cough came about 30 minutes later!